Being Different can be an Advantage

“How to Design a Car When You’re Not a Car Designer”, by Kirsten Korosec. I read Kirsten Korosec’s article, where she interviewed YooJung Ahn, a product designer. Ahn, along with her team, successfully designed a self-driven car. There were 4,698 submissions for this contest, and her and her team won the contest and won the … Continue reading Being Different can be an Advantage


Messy Laundry

(This poster was found on Pinterest) In the Design Observer Group, I listened to an interview that was published on November 2, 2015, between Debbie Millman and Michael Bierut. Debbie Millman interviews the co-founder of Design Observer, Michael Bierut. In the interview, Bierut talks his book and about his experiences as a graphic designer. Bierut … Continue reading Messy Laundry